Partner with us

We are always happy to welcome schools, colleges, academic institution, educators, non-profit organisations to collaborate with us. We welcome corporate institutions and can create customised programmes to suit to your institutions needs.

We are always happy to hear from institutions with new proposal in academic development and to offer our students the best experience.

Our collaborators can rely on our credentials

  • We are one of the kind offering academic vacation programme with hands-on experience.
  • We are offering all our programmes in Oxford; an old historic city in UK.
  • Students would get their hands-on experience in Universities in Oxford and London.
  • Continuous emergency support for our students.
  • Access to resources from world renowned colleges and Universities in UK.
  • Experts, specialists and consultants led academic lecturers.
  • Accommodation in Oxford Universities Dormitories.

Our Partners

Medscience Group

Work Experience

Intense Revision Courses (IRC)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)