Medicine, Biomedicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy

Medicine, Biomedicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy

We are proud of our unique summer & fall courses differing widely from the other summer courses offered in Oxford. We do not follow traditional lecture – based teaching but have many interacting seminars, workshops, events, conferences and more over a hands – on approaches to learning latest skills in medicine,biomedicine, Dentistry and various disciplines in sciences. Students will enhance their learning through practical sessions as oppose to the theoretical lecturers.We use lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations, team work for our Masters learning in the morning followed by hands – on practical sessions in the afternoon.

Students can choose 1 Master courses and their respective hands – on practical sessions in the afternoon. Refer to our sample day programme for more detail.

These short courses are very popular among international students from all over the world. We run these courses within the Universities in Oxford and London.

The essential elements are

  • Academic preparation at appropriate level in all Sciences.
  • Examiner led GCSE, A level and IB exam scrutiny sessions.
  • Expert led hands-on experience in Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedicine & Science.
  • Study skills, creative & critical and problem-solving sessions.
  • Career Development (advice on CV, application, interviews & presentations).
  • Visits to Pharmaceutical companies, general surgery, hospitals and Universities.
  • Specialist tests preparation for Medical and Dentistry entrance exams such as UKCAT, BMAT and GMSAT.
  • Full preparation of UCAS (Universities and Colleges admission service) for UK universities including Personal Statement to enhance the chance of acceptance by the Russell group of Universities in UK.

Topics to choose for your vacation programme include:

Frontiers in Medicine

This course aims to provide students with a real – life exposure of practising as a Doctor. Experience what medical school will be like with hands – on sessions in handling patients’ data, diagnosing diseases and using various medical instruments. Learning different cases within various body systems from experienced practising doctors & surgeons.

Frontiers in Dentistry

This course is aimed for students who would like to pursue their career in Dentistry. We aim to provide sessions packed with latest technological advances in Dentistry. These courses are focussed on the anatomy, examination and use of instruments in Dentistry. Hands – on experience with Dentists in UK will provide with consolidation on the sessions.

Frontiers in Bio-medicine

This course aims to provide students with flavour in various disciplines in Biomedical sciences such as Microbiology, Biochemistry, Transfusion sciences etc. Latest technological advances in Biomedical science with Hands-on experiences in measuring blood samples for various pathologies in the blood will be provided.

Frontiers in Biotechnology & Pharmacy

This course aims to provide students with an understanding to the latest biotechnological advances and nanotechnology to understand the drug chemistry. We aim to provide sessions led by Pharmacists and top consultants from Pharma industries in the UK.

Frontiers in Cosmetic Science

This course will enable students for obtaining a hands-on practical session in the formulation of creams with free samples. Analysing various lipsticks from different cosmetic brands in the UK, preparing different shades. A thorough understanding of the skin types using various tools in cosmetics. Preparations of shower gel and shampoos from natural ingredients. We endeavour to provide students with the best possible experience and give a flavour Cosmetic sciences.

Sample day schedule

9:30 – 12:30
Masters Subject Seminars
12:30 – 1:30
1:30 – 4:30
Hands – on Practical sessions
4:30 – 6:30
Day time Activity
6:30 – 7:30

The Programmes Include

  • Masters sessions per day in specialised subjects; refer to our sample day programme.
  • Each session include Study skills, Critical Thinking, Career development, site visits and cultural programme) per week.
  • Site visits and cultural programme in the afternoons, Monday to Friday.
  • Obtain “Certificate of Achievement” and report/feedback on completion.
  • For further information, please contact.