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We at vacation courses provide enrichment programes for students who are interested in pursuing their career in different disciplines of Science, Engineering, Business and Marketing.

We take proud in our partnerships with different experts and our partners in Oxford and London. All our programes are held during student’s holidays, where they get a chance to explore different academic fields along with activities to keep them academically enriched and entertained in their holidays.

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We are proud to offer our students best experience in colleges in Oxford and London Universities. We offer range of programmes for our students during their vacation. Our popular programmes run over holidays in summer and fall. We are happy to offer interested schools and colleges tailored programmes during their school holidays.

Application Process

There is no final date for the application, but we recommend you apply at your earliest to secure your place in our popular programmes.

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What do we offer?

  • Vacation courses in Oxford with hands-on work experience within UK.

Where and When?

  • During your school holidays (summer and Fall).
  • These are academic enrichment courses with hands-on work experience in various subjects.
  • Residential courses at the Oxford Universities dormitory.
  • With choices of day activities and weekend excursion in UK.

Who is it for?

  • Are you aged 13 to 24 years?
  • Preparing to join secondary school, sophomore year, high school, college, GCSE, IGCSE, AS/A2, IB, foundation, or in your Gap year?
  • Planning to take up a career in Science, Biomedicine, Dentistry, medicine, Engineering, arts and photography, social sciences, Business, Marketing , Economics.
  • Do you need to have a hands – on work experience to enhance your skills, CV, Personal statement and add this experience to your bucket list?
  • Do you wish to experience Oxford University, student life in the UK?
# Testimonial

“Drew is thoroughly enjoying everything about the program! He has been super excited and has sent us so many photos when he is a very shy person otherwise. He is very pleased with the hands- on exposure that is unique to your courses. He finds it very useful in grasping...more

Parent from Japan, 2019

"Sri has been inspired with the Medical teaching and stimulations; she has expressed strong interest of becoming a Doctor. We are very happy that a hands-on approach was used which has given Sri a perspective to the tasks involved in Medicine. We both are practicing Physicians...more

Parent from Singapore, 2019

“Jaz has had an experience of his life-time. He has been very pleased to be given award for his performance at the Vacation courses. We are very proud of his achievement and are pleased to inform that due to this award from Oxford he has now been offered higher education in Boston...more

Parent from India, 2018